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Backyard Flock Owners Summer Shellabration!

Backyard Flock Owners Summer Shellabration!From egg colors to coops, and everything in between, the local Purina experts at Core Feed have answers to all your backyard flock owner questions. We love to talk chickens and share our tips for a successful flock, including good management and good nutrition.

So excited for SUMMER SHELLEBRATION!!!?Your hen’s first egg is right around the corner! Join us at Core Feed for our Purina Flock Strong Shell-ebration June 17th-July 19th and pick up some of our Oyster Strong feed products. The Oyster Strong line is packed full of the 38 nutrients needed to produce the strongest shells to the most vibrantly colored yolks. An extra layer of calcium will give your hens all they need to be the healthiest they can be. Stop in & ask us for more information!

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Sign up for the Purina Feed Greatness® Challenge for backyard flock owners. It’s your first step on the path to feeding greatness.*

What is the Feed Greatness® Challenge?

Our Feed Greatness® Challenge was designed to give backyard flock owners an opportunity to try our layer feed for 90 days. Finding the right poultry feeding program for your laying hens is essential. Nutrition is directly connected to their health and happiness. In turn, this provides you and your family with wholesome, nutritious farm fresh eggs. This Challenge is limited to Layena® Pellets or Crumbles, Layena® Plus Omega-3 or Organic Layer feed. (The Feed Greatness Challenge is open to consumers, one trial per 12 months, per household. If you have participated in a trial within the last 12 months, you will not receive coupons or emails.)

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