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Hay & Shavings

Hay there! If you’re looking for quality hay & shavings look no further than Core Feed. We have a large selection of hays, shavings, and grasses including Flaked Pine Shavings, Pelleted Shavings and Airlite Bedding Cardboard Shavings. We also carry orchard grass, 2 string Alfalfa, 3 string Alfalfa,¬†Coastal Bermuda, Bahia, Wheat Straw, or Chaffehaye.


Core Feed is proud to announce we also stock Airlite Bedding!

Their dust free, allergen free formula is 4 times more absorbent than shavings, composts dirt, a long lifespan, and is ph neutral. Find out more about Airlite Bedding below.











No matter your need, we have you covered.