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Purina® Flock Raiser® Crumbles

Purina Flock Raiser CrumblesPurina® Flock Raiser® Crumbles provide complete and balanced nutrition for healthy flocks and baby birds. Sustain an entire mixed flock of poultry, including starting and growing hens, roosters, ducks and geese Purina® Flock Raiser®Crumbles is also for turkeys, pheasants and quail 8 weeks of age and older.

Also available as a medicated feed, which can only be fed to broiler chickens.


Features & Benefits of Flock Raiser Crumbles

Research-proven feed

Purina® has been conducting poultry research for nearly a century. We have a flock of backyard birds at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center to help our nutritionists, feed formulators and flock caregivers evaluate our feeds before we put them on the market.

Extra support during molt or feathering

Help birds through molt or times when feathering needs some extra support. Be sure to offer supplemental Purina® Oyster Shell to laying birds.

Male and meat birds

Offers the right amount of calcium, a strong start, uniform growth and excellent vigor. Use this feed for starting, growing and finishing birds intended for meat production.

Muscle and skeletal development

Enhanced with lysine and methionine amino acids to help chicks and pullets grow and adult birds thrive.

Healthy immune system

Rich in antioxidants and optimized levels of Vitamin E. It also contains prebiotics and probiotics to support immune and digestive health.



Prebiotics, Probiotics and Yeast Supports immune and digestive health
Complete and Balanced Wholesome nutrition for an entire mixed flock of poultry consistent nutrition for starting and growing chickens, ducks, turkeys and geese (turkeys after 8-10 weeks) – all with the same bag of feed
Essential Amino Acids Excellent muscle and skeletal development. Enhanced with lysine and methionine to give birds the healthy nutrients they need for healthy growth
Key Level of Vitamin A Strong Vitamin A fortification helps birds grow into healthy adult birds
Exclusive Level of Marigold Extract For brightly-colored beaks, shanks and overall appearance — A high level of xanthophyll, derived from marigolds, ensures bright coloring for a beautiful flock
Proprietary Level of Vitamin E A superior level of Vitamin E helps birds maintain a robust immune system
Superior Nutrition Superior nutrition for a strong start, uniform growth and excellent vigor
Wholesome Nutrition Assurance of quality – It’s nutrition you can trust our guarantee that this is the very best feed for your poultry


Feeding Directions Description:
Feed continuously as the sole ration to broiler chickens over 8 weeks of age to aid in the prevention of light coccidiosis outbreaks.
Keep this and all drugs out of the reach of children.
Use as the sole source of amprolium. Do not change the litter while giving this feed unless absolutely necessary. If losses exceed 0.5% in a two (2) day period, obtain an accurate diagnosis, and follow the instructions of your veterinarian or poultry pathologist. Losses may result from intercurrent disease or other conditions affecting drug intake, which can contribute
to the virulence of coccidiosis under field conditions. Do not use in feeds containing bentonite.

Store in a dry, well-ventilated area protected from rodents and insects.  Do not feed moldy or insect-infested feed to animals as it may cause illness,
performance loss or death.
Follow sound management practices and disease and sanitation control measures.  If any questions, contact your veterinarian or salesperson.

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